Claim: ‘Saturated fat is not bad for your health’

The Daily Telegraph reported on 6 March 2014 that a US heart expert, James DiNicolantonio, had claimed that “saturated fat is not bad for health”. In an article published in BMJ Open Heart, DiNicolantonio argues that diets low in saturated fat do not lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease or strokes, or indeed help people live longer. These claims effectively placed him in opposition to decades of established medical and public health advice which has encouraged people in nations such as the USA and the UK to carefully monitor their intake of foods high in saturated fat.

Upon further investigation, it became clear that DiNicolantonio was not alone in the scientific community in holding such views. Many of these commentators and scientists attribute higher incidences of obesity, diabetes, coronary and cardiovascular disease, to the increased consumption of carbohydrates and sugars.

True or False?

With no reference to proportion or moderation, the claim that saturated fat is “not bad for your health” is considered to be largely false.

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