World Cup 2014 – Brazil coach Scolari: ‘This was the worst defeat in Brazil’s history’

Brasil defeat to Germany 7-1Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari described his team’s 7-1 capitulation against Germany as “the worst day of my life” and pleaded for forgiveness from the host nation’s millions of passionate fans. ‘Historic Disgrace’ was the headline splashed across  the front page of Brazil’s most influential newspaper, Folha de S.Paulo, however the coach did himself no favours when he described the loss as “the worst defeat in Brazil’s history“.

While it was the worst ever defeat for a team in a World Cup semi-final, and Brazil’s first competitive loss on home soil since 1975, the loss in fact equalled the worst defeat in Brazil’s history, which came 94 years ago at the hands of Uruguay. On 18 September 1920, they lost 6-0 to Uruguay in the South American Championship (Copa América), eventually finishing in third place. This was later followed by a home defeat to Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup final, a loss which has been etched in Brazilian memory ever since. Five world cup successes followed these setbacks, however the latest result is made all the more extraordinary as Scolari was the coach who led Brazil to World Cup victory in 2002.

O Globo newspaper hands every Brazil player 0 rating

Brazilian newspaper ‘O Globo’ handed every Brazil team player a zero rating for the Germany match


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